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Accredited Energy Auditor by Bureau of Energy Efficiency(B.E.E.), Ministry of Power, Govt. of India


From times immemorial man has been dependent on Nature's bounty of forest wealth and fossil fuels to his energy needs. With time and increasing sophistication in his standard of living especially in the current century, he has become more and more dependent on electricity for running the wheels of his civilization. Most of the electricity till now has been generated from fossil fuels in huge power plants run by coal and oil or by nuclear fuels. however, the continuusly ncreasing use of fossil has dangerously depleted their available natural resources.It has further seriously strained our national economy through recurring payments to meet the bills incurred on the import of oil and other fossil fuels required to sustain the insatiable demands for same.
Faced with these constraints of energy availability and usage man has been earnestly searching for alternative energy sources like the sun, the wind, gobar gas and biomass to augment his needs.
With a view of recovering and utilizing biomass energy to cater to the power needs the Biomass Assessiment Study is Needed. The purpose of the study is to obtain detailed information regarding the availability of Biomass in the study area and to explore the Possibilities of existing plant.




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